all will turn to silver glass

a light on the water

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you are my sunshine, my only sunshine
you make me happy when skies are grey
you'll never know, dear, how much i love you
please don't take my sunshine away

the lily aldrin to my robin scherbatsky / the magic kingdom to my magic / the tulio to my miguel
the merlin to my gwen / the yosemite to my yomesite / the mrs. weston to my emma woodhouse
the jim kirk to my bones / the eames to my arthur / the sherlock holmes to my joan watson
the lizzie bennet to my jane bennet / the germany to my england / the donna moss to my josh lyman
the dr. horrible to my captain hammer / the pixar to my disney / the hawkeye to my iron man
the hestia to my hades (also the batgirl to my supergirl and basically all of the blue oni to all of my red oni)
the javier esposito to my kevin ryan / the cass to my steph / the donny donowitz to my aldo raine
the todd anderson to my charlie dalton / the hemingway to my fitzgerald / the huck finn to my tom sawyer
the adams to my jefferson / the ruby to my belle
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proud lion at hogwartsishome rawr

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all george iii's fault, beauty and the beast, bill: charmingest of vampires, billy joel, books, broadway, celebrities, civil war reenacting, coldplay, conspiracy theories, costume dramas, desmond hume: my constant, disney, disneyland, doctor who, education, england national, european mutts, every war but vietnam, firefly, football, foreign language, gilmore girls, glory glory man united, good ol' union boy, greek mythology, harry potter, hercules: the legendary journeys, himym, history, hollywood, i live at disneyland, it's on mars!, james mcavoy, james mcavoy's everything, james potter, jane austen, jimmy stewart, jon stewart, kristen bell, life, literature, lord of the rings, lost, men in cravats, michael sheen, movie scores, movie scores make movies, movies, music, musicals, novels, once upon a time, percy jackson, performing, peter pan, photography, pinoe forever, political science, politics, rachel mcadams, rain, ralph fiennes, reading, robert downey jr, sanity: restored, scarves, scottish accents, simply must be jews, star wars, stark beats wayne, stevie g for captain!, stick to 'em bobby, superheroes, television, the beatles, the daily show, the flash = hero, the marauders, the three lions, the west wing, theatre, then there was horatio, this time for england, thomas jefferson, thomas jefferson for president, through time and space!, traveling, tricky dick = crook, uswnt, wars and westerns, what i want thor, william shakespeare, wish upon a star, writing, you're a good soldier

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