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09 April 2012 @ 06:27 pm
when i look in her eyes, i just see the sky
rumpelstiltskin/belle (once upon a time); nc-17
~4,600 words

in which belle proves herself adept at dealmaking, the tavern has only one available bed, and there is far too much pent up sexual tension in the land of fairytales.

notes: thanks to saturninepen for reading it over. and to lovelysolitude and xinvisiblewings for yelling at me about adventures. also here at ao3. AND HEY LOOK I FINALLY WROTE RUMPELSTILTSKIN INSTEAD OF MR. GOLD.

This is also inspired by this prompt on the kink meme.

“These outings aren’t for your pleasure, dearie. They’re business.”Collapse )
29 February 2012 @ 04:21 pm
i will sing you morning lullabies
mr. gold/belle (once upon a time); r
~2,800 words

It took time, and more than one argument, but eventually she found herself, not surprisingly, falling back into his arms. Now things were better—normal, even.

(Warning: cavity inducing fluff. Seriously. We deserve a reprieve from all the angst we're having to go through right now.)

notes: thanks to saturninepen for helping create mr. thatcher with me. we love him far too much even though he's just an itty bitty part. this is also partially dedicated to zombres to tell her that i love her and am thinking of her and lovelysolitude for being my cheerleader. also here at ao3.

“I’m not even going to pretend I understand you and Gold,” Ruby began, and Belle’s heard it before, from many more people than Ruby, and she smiled.Collapse )
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23 February 2012 @ 01:33 am
there's a beauty in walking away
mr. gold/belle (once upon a time); pg-13
~3,800 words

“Mr. Gold.” Belle speaks hoarsely, her eyes trained on his photo. She considers for a moment. She nods. “I don’t think I want anything to do with him.”

notes: can't stop, won't stop. thanks to the wonderful skypirateb for reading it over despite not being as into the show as me, haha. maybe one day i'll write fic with rumpelstiltskin instead of mr. gold. but today is clearly not that day. though i might have to write something horribly fluffy after i pretty much wrenched my own heart out to write this. you can also find this fic on ao3 here.

He picks up the pieces, just as she feared he would.Collapse )
18 February 2012 @ 09:35 pm
an exit door
mr. gold/belle (once upon a time); pg-13
~1,800 words
"No, he was no prince but now, now that she was alive and in his arms, he would be anything she wanted him to be."

Mr. Gold finds Regina at the hospital, as well as a secret she had been keeping hidden for years.

notes: thanks to the lovely saturninepen for reading over it. also, i figure reunion fics are going to be this fandom's favorite thing and i'm here to contribute to that! tbh, i'd read every damn reunion fic that came out of the woodwork for these two because it's all i can think of and want out of life right now. and i'm thinking of doing a reunion fic with a dark twist so. you can also find this fic on ao3 here.

He felt her fingers tightly wrap themselves around the collar of his suit. “You used to wear leather and silk.” He felt her nose softly press into his neck, her breath hot on his skin. “And smell of straw.”Collapse )
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15 February 2012 @ 01:38 am
whispers that transcend walls
mr. gold/belle (once upon a time); pg-13
~1,200 words
Sometimes she would cry without realizing it, wake up with a dying scream upon her lips. Other times she would feel nothing at all. He would disappear and reappear and she’d idly wonder if those hands belonged to him. She would trace her fingers over her thigh and imagine it was him, whoever he was; she must have known long ago, she was sure she must have.
notes: thanks to the lovely saturninepen for reading over it and letting me flail and freak out to her about how i had no idea where this came from but it must be written. i have way too many feelings about these two, i had to get them out somehow.

These barren, concrete walls were all she knew. How could she want what she didn’t know?Collapse )
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